BREAST MILK TRACEABILITY DATASHEETSafeguarding the mother and child bond

An effective barcode driven solution from Fairfield
that identifies and matches expressed breast milk
to both mother and child.

Feeding times for a newborn are often a frantic scenario
and this solution ensures that the mother can be
confident her expressed milk is kept safe until needed.

Feeding a baby the wrong milk can pose health risks,
and with the help of Fairfield thousands of mothers can
relax, knowing their expressed milk is uniquely matched
to their baby.

The solution from Fairfield is deployed in many hospitals such as the Wirral Women’s Hospital Neonatal unit, the top maternity unit in the North West. It works with barcodes as a technology driver. Barcoding systems offer many advantages over manual verification processes; they decrease human error, save time, and provide automated data and reporting to assist in monitoring and increasing patient care.

Features & Benefits

  • Matches mother’s expressed breast milk to their baby
  • Traceability of feeding intervals
  • Reduction of human error
  • Verification of clinician accuracy
  • Disinfectant ready scanners

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