2D Coding

2D codes perform where a linear barcode falls short. They hold much more information than traditional 1D barcodes, and can be read using image based scanners. These scanners can also read 1D barcodes. 2D technology can be a much cheaper alternative to RFID, if the solution fits the technology, but can also compliment and be a sensible stepping stone if you are thinking of moving to RFID in the future.

There are many varieties of 2D codes, and our technical team know them all. At Fairfield, we are considered one of the few global experts in the field of 2D barcoding technology. If you are looking to automate areas of production control, track and trace, asset management and supply chain optimisation, we can specify a solution that works. We have a strong track record in all industries, and are considered pioneers within the surgical instrument marking, and surgical instrument tracking arena, within Healthcare.

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