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We supply and install specialist labelling, barcoding and RFID solutions to sectors including manufacturing, logistics, transport, food & drink, retail, aerospace and healthcare.

Family-run for 40 years, we build bespoke packages to help customers streamline operations and stay at the top of their game.


Natasha’s Law is designed to provide those with food allergies complete certainty that the Pre-packed for Direct Sale (PPDS) food they are buying is safe for them to eat.

At the moment, businesses selling food prepared on the same premises where it is sold don’t need to put allergen information on the label, which means allergy sufferers have to ask staff for the information they need to buy with confidence.

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At Fairfield we are experts in the marking of surgical instruments for track & trace purposes. We can do this in one of two ways, Key dots and Direct Laser Marking. Want to learn more and find out how we can help? Click here to read more

Our Customer Demonstration Facility

Our state-of-the-art customer demonstration facility is based at our headquarters, on the Hampton Lovett Industrial Estate in Droitwich.

Our experienced, approachable team is always delighted to welcome customers by appointment. We’ll talk through your project with you, understanding your needs, and will be able to show you how each barcoding, labelling printing and RFID system works to best build the right package for you and your business.

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Also present is a range of creative label materials, designed to provoke thought and inspiration to help maximise shelf-appeal for food and beverage applications – particularly relevant given the Company’s close proximity to one of the UK’s largest food and drinks producing areas.

Customers can visit the showroom, bringing in an idea or even their product to see how different types of label materials can enhance their product or reinforce their Company’s brand image.

The facility can also be used for training purposes, including product, application or technology training, including ‘hands-on’ experience.

Finally, there is a range of variable data hardware on show, including thermal transfer printers, and RFID readers, to create and process your own barcodes or variable data and then discover how to implement these technologies into your existing processes to maximise production efficiency and help you gain a
competitive edge. We can set up specific demonstrations for you before you visit us to address your requirements and maximise your time with us.

Our Certificates

We have been assessed and appoved by CQS limited and by GS1 UK since 2015.
If you would like to take a look at our certificates please follow the link below.

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Our Partners

Here at Fairfield, we pride ourselves on the close relationships we have with some of the world’s leading technology platform manufacturers. Built over 40 years, these relationships allow us to remain at the forefront of barcode, labelling and RFID technology, building sophisticated solutions for our customers and continually introducing innovative new partners and their products to our range. As well as printers and barcode scanners, these include encoders, readers, tags and inlays for RFID.

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