Accurate scanning and less errors
Specifying, and then printing or laser marking your code is the first step in a solution before you even consider reading your code. An often missed critical step in this process, is ensuring the code will scan, first time, every time, and provide the correct information to ensure your solution runs smoothly.

At Fairfield, we specify solutions that are designed to always produce quality codes, however, occasionally problems occur, due to human error, or other unforeseen technology issues. The good scan, every scan, ‘verification’ process, is something we look at during our assessment for your solution. We’re strong on return on investment principles, so we’ll assess your budget and cost savings, and factor in verification, if we feel it is financially beneficial to your organisation.

The solutions we provide vary, and our expertise means we can cope with all requirements. For example, some clients like their codes checked continuously on a production line, so that they can be alerted to any issues immediately, reducing waste, cost, and more importantly, increasing quality. Others use verification to reconcile products or processes by dual scanning, or scanning the entire batch of codes, ensuring the right product is in the right place at the right time.

Additionally, we also supply vision sensor solutions, which detect and inspect critical processes during production, to ensure quality.

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