Why Laser Mark?

Laser marking is a high speed, reliable and cost effective way of ensuring traceability on a product, piece of equipment or component. Laser marks are permanent and virtually indestructible.

Barcodes (including 2D datamatrix codes), serial numbers, branding and other identification methods, can be permanently engraved using our expert laser solution. Uneven surfaces or items difficult to mark can be successfully coded with a laser mark.

7 Reasons to Choose Laser Marking

  1. Enhanced traceability of the manufacturing or supply chain process.
  2. Designed to work in harsh environments.
  3. Codes can be read quickly and easily.
  4. Scanning technology from Fairfield is very advanced, so even partially damaged codes can be read.
  5. 2D barcodes in particular, hold a large amount of information in them, sometimes even more than RFID.
  6. 2D can be very cost effective compared to RFID.
  7. Laser marking a logo or name can also be very beneficial in branding exercises.

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