Fairfield have developed a “Scan & Match” system to match mother, milk and baby for neonatal feeding to ensure only the correct milk is fed to baby, backed up with a data management tool to export data into Microsoft Excel for reporting purposes. Such recording is required towards accreditation of HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Level 6.


Utilising the existing patient wristbands, neonatal nurses scan the patient ID barcode to trigger a portable printer, via Bluetooth, to produce unique barcode labels for the breast milk vials.


When the milk has been expressed into the barcoded vial, it is stored in the unit’s refrigerator, along with milk from other mums.

Matching and Alerting

The nurses scan their ID barcode as a record, the barcode on the milk vial and the baby’s wristband. The scanner will then confirm a match on the screen. If not a match, the scanner will also confirm and record this.

Accurate Records

As the expressed milk is labelled, scanned and stored, an accurate electronic record of the transaction is available through the system’s dashboard, which can be incorporated into Microsoft® Excel. A comprehensive search function of good scans, error scans, mother, baby and nurse is included, along with a two-level user interface of Administrator and User.

System Features & Benefits

  • Mother to baby breast milk matching
  • Utilises existing mother & baby wristbands
  • Reduces the risk of cross-infection
  • Increases mother and baby well-being
  • Saves precious nursing time
  • Easy to use
  • PDA and printer designed for Healthcare applications
  • Starter Kit can be expanded with additional scanners and/or printers to grow with your department
  • Includes mini PC for system administration
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel

Starter Kit

We made it easy for you by creating a “one box” starter kit:

  • 1 x portable printer
  • 1 x hand-held device / scanner
  • 1 x specially developed software application
  • 1 x box of vial labels
  • 1 x roll of nurse identity labels
  • 1 x mini PC
  • 1 x installation & training
  • 1 x telephone help-line support

The following “add-ons” are also available:

  • Pay-monthly option
  • Additional printers or scanners can be added to you system
  • Additional labels
  • Bespoke additions, such as software changes to integrate with your current working processes

For further details, please contact us or complete the form below.

To download a copy of our Scan & Match Brochure, click here or to download a copy of our Healthcare Brochure, click here.

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