Fairfield have been specialists in the Healthcare sector for many years, supplying a wide range of labels for a number of applications from Healthcare supplies through to patient identification and management. Add to this our range of printers, barcode scanners and RFID solutions and you have a partner supplier for all of your labelling, identification and tracking needs. Whatever your needs, contact us for pricing and details of our full range.


Fairfield offer a myriad of labels for all aspects of healthcare labelling, from patient identification, pharmacy use, laboratory applications. We have included a selection of products and applications below…

Labels: Plain On-roll

Plain labels can be used across a number of applications within the healthcare sector, with Fairfield offering a vast range of sizes, optimized for Zebra and Brother printers, offering high quality, consistent printing maximizing print head life. Typical applications include bar code or variable data labels.

Labels: A4 Sheets

Fairfield offer a wide range of labels in A4 or A5 sheets for desktop inkjet or laser printing. These labels are manufactured from paper for general purpose printing and labelling and also filmic materials for high performance labelling around the laboratory. A selection of common sizes are shown below.

Labels / Sheet:Material:Box Quantity:Suitable for:
1Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
2Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
4Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
6Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
8Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
12Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
16Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
21Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
24Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
36Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
40Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
65Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
84Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
If your size is not listed above, please contact us.

In addition, Fairfield offer a range of synthetic materials for a more durable label…

Material:Box Quantity:Suitable for:
Coloured Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
Flourescent Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
Matt White Polyester100 or 500 SheetsLaser
Matt Transparent Polyester100 or 500 SheetsLaser
Gloss Transparent Polyester100 or 500 SheetsLaser
Matt White Polypropylene100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
Gloss White Polyester100 or 500 SheetsLaser
Matt Silver Metallic Polyester100 or 500 SheetsLaser
White Ultra-destructible100 or 500 SheetsLaser
Silver VOID Polyester100 or 500 SheetsLaser

Labels: Patient & Pharmacy

For more specific applications, Fairfield have a wide range of label and identification solutions, including general-purpose labels through to durable, chemical-resistant labels for laboratory and cryogenic applications

Identifying patients quickly and effectively is essential in a fast-moving healthcare environment. Fairfield have a number of labelling solutions for patient identification, including records folders which can be printed at either point of admission or at the bedside.

Labels for prescription bottles are printed on thermal printers – a smooth surface is required to accept small text and barcodes, including Datamatrix or QR codes. The printed image needs to withstand constant handling, grease etc. A number of label sizes are available to fit all sizes of bottle.

Prescription Reminder Labels are particularly useful if the patient needs to take multiple medication throughout the day. Labels can be simply printed as shown in the example here or colour-coded for ease of use. Multiple language options are also available, as are a large number of label sizes to suit multiple container sizes.

Patient Bedside Labels are optimized for portable printers for use at the patient’s bedside. Fairfield have a number of label sizes suitable for samples identification or patient record labels. Labels have a smooth paper or polypropylene surface for accurate fine bar code or small text printing for first time reading.

Labels: Laboratory

Fairfield’s Cryogenic Labels withstand temperatures as low as -196ºC for applications such as labelling tissue samples, slides or vials. Label materials will bond to glass or plastic and not become detached during prolonged storage at low temperatures whilst having smooth label faces for printing fine barcodes or text for accurate, first-time read. A number of materials and label sizes are available.

Samples & Specimen labels need to perform in both adhesion to small diameter tubes to prevent “winging” or “butterflying” and also having the ability to receive finely printed bar codes which must read first time, every time. Labels can be supplied with chemical-resistant top-coatings up to Xylene for durable print.

Labels: Sterilisation Indicator

This special ink changes colour to confirm the package or tray and its contents have been autoclaved at the correct temperature, pressure and time.

Labels can be produced to your design in any shape or format and can have additional face or back cuts to enable parts of the label to be removed and applied to forms to record sterilisation process, product information, batch numbers and date for traceability.

Fairfield also have a special colour-changing ink, but this time, options are available for E-Beam (Gamma) or ETO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilisation. You have the option of having the ink printed as a dot or patch onto your existing label design, or we can supply E-beam or ETO indicator dots in rolls for you to apply by hand to your packaging or products, providing total flexibility on options.

Printers for Healthcare Applications

Fairfield’s range of printers for Healthcare applications include mobile printers for use at the patient’s bedside, though to printers designed to work on volume applications and wristband printers, many of which are designed with “Healthcare-ready” plastics for constant cleaning. For more details of our printer range, go here or download a copy of our Healthcare brochure here.

Scanners for Healthcare Applications

First-time read data capture is critical, especially in a fast-moving healthcare environment. That’s why Fairfield offer a range of hand-held scanners designed specifically for healthcare for fast and accurate reading of both 1D and 2D codes on a variety of surfaces. Scanners are designed with “disinfectant-ready” surfaces for easy cleaning. For more details of our scanner range, go here or download a copy of our Healthcare brochure here.

Bespoke Projects

For more details of our bespoke projects, go here.

Download a copy of our Healthcare Brochure here.

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