Rugged, lasting, industrial labels bespoke to your requirements.

At Fairfield we manufacture bespoke industrial labels that ensure your application runs smoothly. Labels may need to withstand harsh manufacturing processes for example the electronics industry, be resistant to heat, solvents and many other external factors. Whether you require high temperature labels, or labels made from Kapton®, we can provide a solution that suits your requirements.

Labels can be manufactured from direct thermal, thermal transfer, paper, vinyl, metal or other substrates as required. We also offer laser marking for that extra rugged application, and are experts in this area in 2D coding for identification .

If you require track and trace we are experts in coding and can print sequential codes for you in our bureau, or can advise you on printing your own labels with the appropriate barcode label software and printers. We also supply the equipment required to read the label, such as vision sensors, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanners or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) compatible readers if you also require RFID chips in your labels.

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