Fairfield provides a variety of high level laser marking services suitable for all industries. Our laser marking solutions can be supplied independently, or as part of an application. We’ve laser marked for many years, and we know what works and what doesn’t. Give us a call, or chat now to our team to talk through your business problem, and we’ll be happy to help.

Fairfield’s leading edge laser marking expertise can be combined with our vast knowledge of barcoding, and direct part marking expertise, particularly in the 2D barcode world, where information can be encoded in a very small space. We also provide laser marking solutions for variable data, such as serial numbers, or company branding.

We’re here to help. We are the proud owners of an in-house bureau, in addition to offering on-site marking. We have a highly skilled in-house team who have been with us many years, and have an open attitude to knowledge sharing. This means we can also offer external training and advice, or supply you with your own laser depending on your budget.

We also like to grow our solutions with our customers, and are more than happy to create a project plan that takes you from bureau, or on-site based, to in-house operation if required.

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