Surgical Instrument Marking

At Fairfield, we pride ourselves on making surgical instrument marking a stress free process for hospitals and trusts. Our approach is structured and effective, and is specifically applied to your individual objectives, needs and current processes.

Our philosophy is based on four main points:

  • Understanding exactly which surgical inventory needs to be individually marked
  • Ensuring that the best possible protection over the integrity of a hospitals GS1 coding structure is maintained to avoid duplication
  • Ensuring the clinical staff that may be affected by single instrument marking, have an understanding of its purpose and objectives
  • Engage those involved in instrument reprocessing. Use their knowledge to ensure that the marking project achieves the desired outcomes.

How does it work? – The Fairfield Process

  • Assess the instrument marking requirements
  • Match the requirements to both guidelines and hospital site requirements
  • Suggest techniques to streamline the use of supplementary items
  • Clearly identify and prioritise those sets deemed to be high risk, or require streaming under NICE guidelines.
  • Deliver a realistic project plan, based on instrument volume, availability and best value.

Marking Options to suit your budgets and processes

Fairfield prides itself in offering a clear pricing policy that is both fair and unambiguous.

We offer to mark instruments at our head office in Droitwich, at your hospital site, or a mixture of both options if required.

If you would like to purchase a laser etch machine directly, Fairfield can supply, install and maintain this unit for you. In addition, as part of the installation package, we can also train your staff on how to operate the unit, and supply the most appropriate scanning technology.

What About Existing Instruments?

The project plan takes into account instruments already in circulation, as well as any newly purchased instruments. We pride ourselves on the ability to work with you to develop optimal methods of grouping instruments for marking. This can be scheduled to integrate smoothly into your existing processes. It is a critical aspect that ensures the maximum instrument volume is marked at any one time, and minimises wasted time when instruments are not available.

What About New Purchases?

In order to maintain both your inventory of uniquely marked instruments, and protect your code ranges used, Fairfield offers an innovative solution to new instruments that require marking. When you purchase new stock that requires marking, supply them to us, and we will mark them in accordance with your defined coding structure, and ship back to you (normally within 3 days).

This ensures that you have a fast and effective method of continuous marking services at a fixed price per instrument.

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