LO-RA (Long-range Radio)

The Lo-Ra technology platform is becoming a powerful technology for Real-time Location applications – being able to accurately record positioning data of people, assets, animals or vehicles around large sites using a very small amount of infrastructure.

Typical schematic of a Lo-Ra system

Recording data can be plotted as X,Y and Z co-ordinates – ideal for data positioning and recording of people on different floors within a building for instance. Using simple infrastructure means that the system can be easily moved and re-installed with no costly set-up fees often associated with other types of RTLS platforms.

Key features of Lo-Ra Technology

Long Range: Connects devices up to 30 miles apart in line-of-sight rural applications and effectively penetrates dense urban or deep indoor environments

Low Power: Requires minimal energy, with prolonged battery life of up to 10 years, minimising battery replacement costs.

High Capacity: Supports millions of messages per base station, allowing the system to handle large market applications.

Low Cost: Reduces infrastructure due to simplification, battery replacement expense and ultimately lower operating expenses compared to alternative RTLS platforms.

Typical Market Sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Cities
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Homes & buildings
  • Industrial Control
  • Transportation & Logistics

Typical Applications:

  • Tracking pallets or bins around manufacturing sites
  • Recording personnel data around large buildings for safety purposes
  • Recording movement data of animals around farmland or safari parks
  • Tracking small children around theme parks to prevent them getting lost

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