Transportation & Logistics

Fairfield are specialists in this market sector and can provide a full range of Labels, RFID and Hardware for effective management of your inventory, logistics and transportation operations. Whatever your requirements for this sector, contact us for details of our full range and pricing.


Fairfield offer a myriad of labels for all aspects of a busy logistics or transportation environment, from simple box or pallet labels, through to product labels, bar code labels and labels to optimise your warehouse or stores location operations. We have included a selection of products and applications below…

Labels: Plain On-roll

Plain labels can be used across a number of applications within a logistics or transportation environment, with Fairfield offering a vast range of sizes, suitable for all printers, including optimized labels for Zebra and Brother printers, offering high quality, consistent printing and maximizing print head life, ensuring you get the best and most consistent performance from your printer, day in, day out.

A selection of sizes is shown below – if your size is not shown, contact us with your requirements.

Label Size:Print Technology Options
76mm x 24mmThermal or Thermal Transfer
76mm x 44mmThermal or Thermal Transfer
102mm x 50mmThermal or Thermal Transfer
102mm x 74mmThermal or Thermal Transfer
102mm x 100mmThermal or Thermal Transfer
102mm x 127mmThermal or Thermal Transfer
102mm x 150mmThermal or Thermal Transfer

Labels: A4 Sheets

Fairfield offer a wide range of labels in A4 or A5 sheets for desktop inkjet or laser printing. These labels are manufactured from paper for general purpose printing and labelling and also filmic materials for high performance labelling around the warehouse, or for creating product or pallet labels.

A selection of some of the more common sizes is shown below:

Labels /Sheet:Material:Box Quantity:Suitable for:
1Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
2Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
4Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
6Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
8Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
12Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
16Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
21Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser
24Paper100 or 500 SheetsInkjet / Laser

In addition to the above, a range of synthetic materials is also available.

Typical Printed Label Applications

Fairfield can print your labels for you – particularly useful if you require colour – for example labels you use time and time again such as Fragile labels. These can be supplied in rolls for ease of application. A range of Chemical labels are also available, either pre-printed, or part printed for you to finish on your thermal transfer printer.

Labels: Warehouse

Today’s modern warehouse or logistics operations need to be efficient and slick operations to meet customer expectations. The need to locate and pick stock quickly and effectively is a must.

Fairfield are specialists in labels suitable for all aspects of logistics operations and can advise on the most appropriate materials to help maximise the efficiency of your warehouse operations with a range of labels which perform and last – permanently.

Contact us for details of our range of self-adhesive and magnetic labels for warehouse aisles, racks and beams.

Printers for Warehouse & Logistics Applications

Fairfield’s printer range for warehouse or logistics environments includes mobile printers which can be attached the belt of the warehouse or stores operative, through to industrial grade printers designed to run all day, every day providing consistent quality variable data labels. For more details of our printer range, go here or contact us via the form below.

Scanners for Warehouse & Logistics Applications

First-time read data capture is critical, especially in a fast-moving warehouse or logistics environment. That’s why Fairfield offer a range of hand-held scanners designed specifically for this environment for fast and accurate reading of both 1D and 2D codes on a variety of surfaces. For more details of our scanner range, go here or contact us via the form below.

RFID Printer/Encoders

These compact desk top printers not only offer direct thermal and thermal transfer printing capabilities, but also RFID encoding too, allowing you to create your own RFID labels cost effectively and in a small footprint printer. For more details on our range of RFID printer/encoders, go here.

RFID Inlays and Tags for Transportation & Logistics

Fairfield offer a wide range of RFID inlays and tags for distribution or transportation applications. Typical applications include track & trace, product authentication or inventory control. Choose from a wide range of tags and inlays including our range of ECO Tags offering exceptional read distances from either hand-held or fixed position readers.

Contact us for samples of our UHF RFID Inlay and Tags by completing the form below or go here for details of our range.

RFID Readers

The true advantages in RFID over conventional bar codes can be seen when reading RFID. With barcodes, you can read one at a time, whereas with RFID, you can read in excess of a thousand a second and the reader doesn’t even have to see the tag! This is particularly advantageous when reading assets or inventory. With fixed readers, tags can be read from an overhead position, again without needing to see the tag. For further details of our range of hand-held, fixed readers and RFID antennas, go here.

Bespoke Solutions & Project Management

Fairfield understands that many projects will be specific to individual customers’ requirements. That’s why we offer a bespoke design & project management service to ensure we identify your pain points and bottlenecks and incorporate those into the final delivered product or service.

This can include the following:

  • Initial meeting to discuss objectives and ideal scenario requirements
  • Line walk-through the current or or required process
  • Identification of pain-points or bottlenecks in existing processes
  • Initial schematic proposal of solution for budget approval
  • Detailed itemised quotations
  • Proof of Concept demonstrations of technology platforms or specific equipment
  • Samples or prototypes of labels or tags for initial evaluation purposes
  • Installation of solution and system training of “super-users”
  • After-sales back-up including help-lines if required
  • Cloud hosting if appropriate to the final solution

Get in touch to see how we can help ensure your track & trace or inventory processes are optimised and ‘future-proofed’

Download a copy of our new Transportation & Logistics Brochure here.

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