Surgical Instrument Marking

At Fairfield we are experts in the marking of surgical instruments for track & trace purposes. We can do this in one of two ways, Key dots and Direct Laser Marking.

Client NHS
Services KeyDots & Laser Marking
Year Current


Key dots are an effective and affordable solution for tracking individual surgical instruments and can be incorporated into most existing instrument tracking software.

They are small, laser-engraved Datamatrix barcode labels that can be applied directly to an instrument’s surface. Each key dot contains a unique number or a hospital’s GS1 code, allowing them to be tracked individually throughout the whole sterilisation, usage and cleaning cycles. Key dots are available in a number of sizes, starting from just 3.2mm in diameter and are available in sheets of 100.

Designed to withstand harsh environments and temperature conditions, key dots can last up to 200 processing cycles and have been scientifically evaluated for sterility and biocompatibility by an independent medical testing laboratory who have established that key dots are safe for use on surgical instruments.

Direct Laser Marking, instead of using a tiny applied label, we would mark the instrument’s surface with a durable marking. As above, we can supply a range of sizes of markings, from 3.2mm upwards.

For this method, we would offer a bureau-marking service where we would mark your instruments in our in-house facility and then return the marked instruments back to you. All we would need is your GS1 numbering details and we can do the rest for you.

A close up of an RFID tag around the feet of a newborn baby
Medical equipment marked with keydots
medical equipment using RFID keydot tecnology
medical equipment using RFID keydot tecnology