OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR or Optical Character Recognition, to give it its full name, has revolutionised supply chains all over the world. The ability of a scanning solution to read even the worst handwriting is now available to your company, thanks to the development of this powerful technology. In addition, it is also possible to read and compare plain text and machine-readable codes in the same image field, in one clean scan.

At Fairfield we continuously test and specify hardware and software, to bring you, our client, the very best in OCR solutions, whether it be logistics, security systems, pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, food and beverage, general manufacturing, or even mail sorting systems.

Additionally, some OCR scanning solutions can also read 1D barcodes and 2D codes, meaning you may only require one scanner. Whatever your requirement, we’ll help you to get the best value and return on investment possible from your solution.

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