Our Customer Demonstration Facility

Designed to showcase the Company’s range of RFID technology products from leading Global manufacturers, there are a number of applications on show to demonstrate the versatility of the technology, from retail applications through track and trace and inventory control applications to heavy industrial applications, such as those found in the automotive and engineering sectors. The facility also aims to demonstrate solutions to previously thought of as challenges, such as RFID on metal, tags to embed into metal and also tags to embed into wood for pallet tracking applications.

Also present is a range of creative label materials, designed to provoke thought and inspiration to help maximise shelf-appeal for food and beverage applications – particularly relevant given the Company’s close proximity to one of the UK’s largest food and drinks producing areas. Customers can visit the showroom, bringing in an idea or even their product to see how different types of label materials can enhance their product or reinforce their Company’s brand image.

Finally, there is a range of variable data hardware on show, including thermal transfer printers, and RFID readers, to create and process your own barcodes or variable data and then discover how to implement these technologies into your existing processes to maximise production efficiency and help you gain a competitive edge.

Get in touch – we’d love to show you around!

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