Packaging Integrity Right Down The Line

A range of smart, camera-based, packaging line inspection solutions for producers of fast-moving-consumer-goods.

The Packaging Line Challenge

Working within the world of labelling and auto ID for track and trace since 1982 has given Fairfield first-hand experience regarding the kind of packaging line challenges FMCG companies face today.

codechecker-1Emergency Product Withdrawals (EPW) and Return To Manufacturer (RTM) issues can be incredibly costly. Mislabelled products, unreadable barcodes and incorrect best-before dates can result in product recalls, hefty fines and cancelled contracts. Other problems such as skewed labels, dented packages and other packaging imperfections could leave FMCG products sat on supermarket shelves. In fact it is no secret that the further a packaging error makes it through the supply chain the greater the risk for the producer and the higher the costs of recovering it.

Packaging Integrity Right Down the Line

Fairfield’s specialist team of packaging experts have engineered a solution that will enable your products to leave the factory in perfect condition every time.

The CODEchecker+ range of camera-based solutions offers multi-task inspection for FMCG packaging lines.

By combining a range of carefully selected technologies Fairfield has devised a simple and cost effective vision inspection system that is unique and entirely focused upon achieving 100% FMCG packaging line integrity – right down the line.

The CODEchecker+ range of solutions takes care of:

Print Issues
Whichever print technique you are using CODEchecker+ has the tools to check and verify output. The system will pick up a variety of print issues such as the missing dots caused by dirty print heads, thermal transfer ribbon wrinkles and drop-on-demand print gaps.

Dates and lot codes
Dates and lot codesDates and lot codes
A match string algorithm analyses the code or text and compares against the defined string using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
Text validation
ocv-icon2Text validation
Optical Character Verification (OCV) is used to check printed text, including logos and brand names, and to reject poor quality characters.
Barcode quality
Barcode quality
Ensures barcode readability and validates 1D and 2D symbol quality to ISO 15415, ISO 15416 or AIM DPM / ISO 29158 standards.
CODEchecker+ can be set to deviate from the standards if circumstances require or verify exactly to the standards depending on your needs.

Other Packaging Issues
The CODEchecker+ range of tools doesn’t end with print checks. Simultaneously whilst checking your packaging print it will also pick up a multitude of other packaging issues such as wrong lid, incorrect label position and inadequate fill levels.

Label presence and position
Label presence and position
Confirms that a label is present and placed correctly, even in different orientations.
Seal and cap inspection
Seal and cap inspection
Inspects for seal and cap defects to ensure safety and quality. Provides pass/fail based on counting pixels with specified contrast or edge gradient.
Fill level measure
Confirms the fill level is where it should be against set measurement criteria.
Count tool
Count tool
Counts objects based on their size and outline.
Measuring tool
Measuring tool
Checks measurements of items on the packaging line against set specifications.
Colour check
Colour check
Determines items are the correct colour comparing against a colour library or a trained value.
Bespoke criteria
Bespoke criteria
Plus an option to request unique specifications that may be required for your product range and packaging lines.

CODEchecker+ Elements

Fairfield continually reviews available and leading edge technologies and remains hardware/software independent always choosing the best elements available for their CODEchecker+ range.

This unique range from Fairfield currently includes everything from smart cameras and LED floodlights to touch screens and user-friendly inspection logic software. Consultancy, installation and training services are also included with this simple yet powerful vision system as are support/maintenance contracts.

A Range of Packaging Line Tools

Fairfield realises some customers will require more functionality than others and so has developed a range of CODEchecker options for you to choose from:

This is the entry level version of the system and is excellent for checking best before dates and validating GS1 barcodes on packaging lines.
CODEchecker blue-plusblue-icon
CODEchecker includes everything the entry level system provides plus barcode scanning for job confirmation.
CODEchecker green-stargreen-icon
Includes everything that CODEchecker offers plus 100% inline barcode verification to ISO criteria with readability grading.
purple-iconCODEchecker purple-diamond
This version offers everything that CODEchecker offers plus an advanced SQL product database for visual packaging validation via touchscreen.
 red-icon  blue-icon  green-icon  purple-icon
CODEchecker Hardware CODEchecker CODEcheckerblue-plus CODEcheckergreen-star CODEcheckerpurple-diamond
Smart Camera Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plastic Control Box Yes No Option Option
Stainless Steel Control Box No Yes Option Option
Pass/Fail Beacons Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kiosk Log On Scanner No No Yes Yes Yes
Human Machine Interface Option Option Yes Yes
Illumination Internal Internal Internal Internal
Fully Controllable Logic Controller (for Line Stop/Rejects) Option Option Option Option

CODEchecker Software
The CODEchecker+ Inspection Logic Software offers a wide range of advanced tools for checking a whole host of packaging line criteria – e.g.
seal and cap inspection, fill levels and even complex algorithms that look at how much batter is on a piece of fish . Fairfield therefore offers
consultancy and bespoke configuration for all versions of CODEchecker+ to build the exact solution you need for your packaging lines.
Date Code (Printed/Legible/Correct) Yes Yes Yes Yes
GS1 Barcode Validation Yes Yes Yes Yes
100% Inline Barcode Verification – ISO Metrics No No Yes Yes
Bespoke Software Configuration Option Option Option Option
SQL Product Database No No No Yes

“CODEchecker+ is cost-effective and Fairfield support is first-class.”
Jas Panesar, Operations Director, Panesar Foods Limited


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