Whatever your industry, production control can benefit hugely from the introduction or enhancement of Auto ID solutions. Changing demands, market factors, and reducing product lifecycles, means that it is a constant challenge to remain competitive in your marketplace. Production errors, supply delays, and product recalls, are scenarios that you can avoid.

The introduction or enhancement of Auto ID solutions can revolutionise production, and at Fairfield we have helped hundreds of clients in all industries to do just that. Whether it is uniquely identifying and tracking every single product, process (or person), or simply ensuring that barcodes are scanning first time, every time, our solutions are designed specifically for you.

We excel in recommending the best technology for the solution, rather than forcing the solution around the technology. Our customers know and trust us to look at the problem or opportunity holistically, from a people, process and technology perspective, so that we can specify leading edge solutions that work now, and in the future, if your application needs to be scalable.

Furthermore, we specialise in systems integration and software, to ensure your chosen solution fits seamlessly into existing processes.

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