RFID NFC (Near-field Communication)

Near-field Communication (NFC) is becoming increasingly common among brand owners, retails and consumers alike, being ideal for a myriad of applications, such as brand authentication, product reviews, consumer loyalty programmes and as an ideal medium for gaining further information from a manufacturer or supplier of a particular product or service. Requiring only a smartphone, the NFC platform is becoming increasingly common as a cost-effective medium to communicate with your customers.

We can supply NFC labels or tags in small quantities  – you can be up and running encoding your own tags in minutes! We can also supply highly durable NFC tags suitable for use outdoors.

NFC Use Cases:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Provide key product or service information, such as website or YouTube links
  • Product loyalty programmes
  • Product usage and interactive tracking
  • Product re-order capability
  • Brand protection
  • Product lifecycle information and recycling locations
  • Provide information on animals or exhibits in zoological parks or museums

NFC -vs- Alternatives, such as QR Codes or Bar Codes:

  • Quick and easy to use – simply tap phone to product
  • No app to download – NFC is “built-in” to many of the latest smartphones
  • 1:1 communication
  • NFC doesn’t take up space on the label or packaging, as it doesn’t need line of signs to read – it be added to the back of a label or to the inside of a package

For more information on how NFC technology can add value to your products, or for details of costs of blank or encoded tags, please get in touch by completing the form below, or by giving us call.

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