UHF RFID Readers

The true advantages in RFID over conventional bar codes can be seen when reading RFID. With barcodes, you can read one at a time, whereas with RFID, you can read in excess of a thousand a second and the reader doesn’t even have to see the tag! This is particularly advantageous when reading assets or inventory. With fixed readers, tags can be read from an overhead position, again without needing to see the tag.

Fairfield have both hand-held and fixed position readers from Global leaders, including Nordic ID, Impinj and Zebra.

Hand-held UHF RFID Readers

Nordic ID HH53 RFID Reader

Nordic ID HH53 is an all-in-one RAIN RFID handheld reader equipped with Android operating system. The touch screen and familiar Android user interface offers an ease-of-use experience. The Gorilla Glass 2 touchscreen provides a high screen quality and robustness.

Nordic ID HH83 RFID Reader

Nordic ID HH83 is a new generation all-in-one RAIN RFID handheld reader equipped with Android operating system. This reader is built for rugged applications and constant handling. Typical applications would be inventory control and track & trace operations.

Nordic ID HH85 Rugged RFID Reader

Nordic ID HH85 is a new generation all-in-one RAIN RFID handheld reader equipped with Android operating system. Typical applications for this reader would be warehousing or transportation environments where constant or rough handling is the order of the day.

Nordic ID EXA21 Reader

This portable reader is easily connected to any compatible Android/iOS Smart Device or to Windows 10 PC via Bluetooth low energy. This reader offers optimal read ranges for its primary use cases: flexible checkout transactions, easy in-store item location, and instant shipping incident reporting. Its smart sensors extend battery life and trigger RFID reading

Zebra RFD8500 RFID Sled Reader

Add high-performance next generation RFID scanning to the mobile devices of today and tomorrow — simply, easily and cost-effectively. You can attach the mobile device to the RFD8500 sled for a complete one-piece solution — or workers can put the mobile device in a pocket and use the RFD8500 in standalone mode.

Fixed-position UHF RFID Readers

Nordic ID AR85 Fixed Area Reader

This reader brings powerful, automated UHF RFID performance with multiple connectivity options. This fixed area reader contains Nordic ID NUR2-1W module and a sophisticated antenna solution that cover up to 120 m² of floor space at a reading speed of up to 1000 tags/s. Now even hard-to-read tags will be easier to detect.

Nordic ID Sampo S2 One Series

The S2 One Series is a powerful fixed UHF RFID reader with multiple connectivity options. This versatile reader offers both EU and US frequencies in one reader and is suitable for multiple use cases e.g. in POS and various gate options. Its integrated computer enables installation and operation of 3rd party applications.

Zebra FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader

Ideal for portals or doorways for tracking pallets or individual boxes, fixed readers automatically record movement in their field of vision, meaning you can go about your daily activity knowing your goods are being tracked without any human intervention.

Impinj R700 RAIN RFID Reader

The Impinj R700 reader delivers industry-leading performance with the best receive sensitivity, fastest network connectivity, and powerful edge processing for next-generation IoT solutions. IoT developers can easily build and deploy customized solutions with developer-friendly tools and increased on-reader memory. 

Impinj Speedway RAIN RFID Readers

The Impinj Speedway reader helps you keep track of the things that matter to you. Whether you need to monitor inventory or track assets, you can count on Impinj Speedway readers delivering high performance.

UHF RFID Antennas & Cables

Fairfield supply a range of RFID antennas from Nordic ID, Impinj and Zebra, along with associated cables and power supplies.

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