RTLS (Real-time location system)

Typical RTLS components from Siemens – a market leader in the RTLS platform can be supplied by Fairfield across a number of industry and healthcare sectors

Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) are used to automatically track & trace the location of objects or people in real-time, usually within a building, such as a manufacturing facility or hospital. Wireless tags are attached to objects such as pallets, bins or WIP items, or can be worn by people and in most cases, fixed readers receive wireless signals in real-time, pin-pointing their location within a few centimetres. 

Typical applications for RTLS include:

  • Tracking car bodies around a manufacturing facility from body-in-white through to completion
  • Tracking personnel around manufacturing facilities
  • Tracking equipment around hospitals to allow for rapid location / depolyment
  • Tracking pallets of components around manufacturing facilities to ensure maximum efficency in component delivery.

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