Vision Sensors

Detecting and inspecting critical processes during production is key to ensuring quality. Fairfield’s vision sensor solutions are designed to automatically inspect those hard to control processes, to ensure that your goods reach the customer in perfect condition every time.

Vision sensors are highly intelligent cost effective ‘scanners’ that can identify anything from text to the positioning of a product label.

They are highly versatile. Below are some typical applications:

  • Checking best before dates have been correctly printed
  • Correct positioning and placement of products in their packaging (for example a case of wine has been accurately filled with 12 bottles)
  • Fill levels on products (such as cans of paint or bottles of liquids)
  • Correct placement of labels, seals and bottle tops, and other pack placements in products

If you think vision sensors might be right for your solution, why not get in touch or ask us a question now.

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